Diet & Nutrition

The department has made significant contributions toward an understanding of the relationships between nutrition, heart disease and cancer; the relationships between dietary and genetic factors and obesity; and the uptake, balance, and requirements for dietary components. Department faculty members are currently conducting the largest detailed studies of relationships between dietary factors and major diseases.

In the basic science area, the regulation of lipoprotein metabolism by diet and hormonal factors is being studied in humans. A full understanding of the regulation of cellular metabolism by means of insulin, cytokines and nutrients is being sought using modern cellular and molecular biology techniques

Dietary guidelines have changed over the years as research becomes more accurate in determining what we should eat to attain optimal health and weight. The strongest evidence to date shows that calories matter, but focusing on food quality is an equally important part of preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.

Doctor List +

  •  Neurosurgeon
  •  Neuro Physician
  •  Cardiologist
  •  Urologist
  •  General Surgeon
  •  Laparoscopic Surgeon
  •  Plastic Surgeon
  •  Orthopaedic Surgeon
  •  Cardiovascular & Thorapic Surgeon
  •  Radiologist
  •  Pathologist & Microbiologist
  •  Dermatologist
  •  Eye
  •  Dietician
  •  Anesthetic
  •  Physiotherapist
  •  ENT
  •  General Physician
  •  Pediatrician
  •  Oro Maxillary Surgeon
  •  Nephrologists
  •  Gastroenterologist
  •  Pediatric Surgeon
  •  Gynaecologist
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